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4 Reasons to Get a New Water Pump for Your Car

All the parts of an automotive work together for optimal functionality, and the water pump is no exception. You might not give it all the attention it deserves, but you should know that it plays a huge role in keeping the engine running smoothly. It also maintains radiator temperatures, ensuring safe driving. Therefore, assessing your water pump regularly is the best bet for identifying problems and tailoring the best solutions.

When To Replace a Water Pump

Familiarizing yourself with the common issues affecting water pumps is vital. It lets you catch every problem before it progresses, leading to costlier repairs. If you see the following issues, it may be best to get a new water pump for your car.

  • Coolant Leaks

Coolant leakages are the most obvious signs of water pump failure. It will be evident if you notice colored puddles right under your vehicle. It is best to drive your vehicle to an experienced auto shop for timely repair to avoid more costly fixes.

  • Unusual Noise

Annoying, high-pitched sounds when you accelerate your car could signify issues with the water pump. This is mainly when the sounds are coming from around the engine. You can have your car diagnosed by a mechanic to identify the problem and determine if a new water pump will be ideal.

  • Increased Temperatures

A malfunctioning water pump cannot circulate coolant to the engine, causing your vehicle to overheat. Overheating increases the risk of engine damage or breakdown. In this case, enlist professional car inspection services so you can buy a better water pump to prevent inconveniences down the road.

  • Corrosion Build-Up

Rust or corrosion build-up on the water pump's exterior is another sign to get a new one. This is because it reduces the pump's efficiency as it cannot move the coolant around.

If you need a new water pump, we recommend that you drive your vehicle to Thom's Four Wheel Drive and Auto Service today.

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