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5 of the Worst Scenarios That Can Unfold If You Neglect Your Car

Forgetting to tend to your car is almost as bad as neglecting your health. If it happens once in a while, it's not a big deal. However, if you frequently neglect your vehicle, you're setting yourself up for future failure and expenses. To further convince you, here are five of the worst scenarios you may find yourself in if you don't keep up with car maintenance. 

1. You miss your best friend's wedding 
Honestly, who would forgive this mistake? It'd take years before you and your bestie make amends, and potentially hundreds of dollars for a tow and related service. Because Murphy's Law states that anything that can go wrong, will, you best be sure that you're on top of things prior to your friend's nuptials. 

2. You breakdown in the middle of nowhere
You've been planning this road trip for months with one exception, remembering to take your car in for a routine check-up. All of a sudden, you're stuck in an unfamiliar place with no cell service. Sounds like a horror movie, doesn't it? 

According to the Automobile Association, breakdowns happen for a number of reasons that span from losing your keys to a faulty battery. Empty fuel tanks made the list of top 10 car breakdowns, underscoring the importance of remembering to put gas in the car prior to a journey. Don't be that guy. 

3. You lose the dream job 
What's one of the easiest ways to blow an otherwise awesome interview? Show up late. Five minutes, 10 minutes, even a few seconds can make you seem like a walking disaster. Don't let car troubles slow down your dreams.

When prepping for the big day, do a quick examination of your car. If you do this and an incident still occurs, you can fortunately recover. Forbes suggested making a preemptive call to the place where you're interviewing if things seem to be going awry. That way, whether you arrive on time or moments late, you've covered your bases. Apologize if you are late and focus on knocking the rest of your interview out of the park.

4. Someone hits your car
If you've missed service appointments that include inspections, oil changes and tire rotations, you're putting yourself at risk of breaking down in the middle of the road. You know how this situation gets worse? If someone rams into your car. 

That's just adding insult to injury, and it's entirely possible, especially if you break down at night or at the helm of a sharp curve. If your car shuts off in a place that you deem unsafe, call emergency services and walk to a nearby gas station or local business. Use your best judgment when you're in an unfamiliar neighborhood to avoid any dangerous situations. 

5. You can no longer afford a vacation
Skimping on regular maintenance can cause abnormal wear and tear on the car. You might have to drain your piggy bank to pay for a part replacement, making it impossible to afford that backpacking trip to Europe. 

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