• What Does a Differential Do in a Car?

    Wednesday 13 March 2019

    Automotive differentials have been around for nearly 200 years. During that time, they’ve done an important job without getting much attention from any drivers except enthusiasts. That’s starting to change, though. Even mainstream rides now offer the kind of performance that needs a specialized differential. As a result, you may have heard about vehicles with limited-slip differentials, locking differentials, Torsen differentials and more. Still, you may not have heard exactly what t... read more

  • Hit a Pothole? Look for These Warning Signs.

    Tuesday 26 February 2019

    Hitting a pothole with your car can do a real number on tires, wheels, steering and suspension, and alignment. The non-profit Car Care Council urges motorists to watch for three warning signs to help determine if hitting a pothole has damaged their vehicle. Loss of control, swaying when making routine turns, bottoming out on city streets or bouncing excessively on rough roads are indicators that the steering and suspension may have been damaged. The steering and suspension are key safety-relate... read more

  • How to Explain Car Problems to Your Mechanic

    Thursday 21 February 2019

    Like explaining an ailment to a doctor, discussing a mechanical problem with an auto technician is vital to making things right. Whether you’re headed to a dealer’s service department or the corner garage, the process can be easy if you can describe your vehicle’s symptoms in clear and familiar terms. Before you head off to visit your mechanic, it’s a good idea to get organized. Take notes on your vehicle’s performance and any problems you’ve noticed so... read more

  • How Severe Cold Affects Your Car (And What to Do about It)

    Wednesday 30 January 2019

    In much of the eastern and midwestern United States, it’s that time of year when it is so bitterly freezing that even a 30-degree day can feel like a balmy respite. Temperatures plummet into the single digits, wind chills are painful and dangerous, and talk of polar vortexes and bomb cyclones fills the media. It’s cold outside. Few places in the U.S. know cold better than Alaska, and James Grant, who owns Right Choice Automotive Repair in Fairbanks, has seen a bit of what frigid tem... read more

  • Driving Safely All Winter Long

    Tuesday 22 January 2019

    When winter hits, so do a variety of weather challenges — from heavy snow and ice to below-zero temperatures. What do these conditions mean for your daily drive? According to the National Weather Service, icy roads can lead to an increase in traffic accidents. To help stay safe on the roads, brush up on your winter car driving know-how with these safety tips. 1. Build a Winter Car Emergency Kit It&rsq... read more

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