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  • Beware the Flood of Flood Cars

    Thursday 31 August 2017

    Hurricane and tornado seasons routinely damage a large number of cars, especially throughout the Gulf Coast region. Unfortunately, many water-damaged cars can make it to the used-car market, camouflaged as ordinary used cars. That’s a problem because water damage can be hard to spot and these cars often ar... read more

  • Routine Auto Care Drives Home Savings

    Wednesday 23 August 2017

    Whether changing the oil, replacing the wiper blades or checking the tires, finding the time to perform simple preventative vehicle maintenance is money in the bank, says the non-profit Car Care Council. According to research conducted by IMR Inc., one out of three consumers that put off routine vehicle maintenance do so because they cannot find a convenient time. In addition, millennials and those who own older vehicles are more likely to d... read more

  • Find the Fluid: Identifying Your Car's Drips

    Wednesday 16 August 2017

    We’ve all done it.  We back out of the garage or parking lot and there it is: a spot!  What is that?  Is your car leaking oil or something else?  How long has that spot been there?  Well, you don’t need to get out the flashlight and try to catch the leak in progress.  There are six fluids that are most likely to end up spotting your driveway, and here’s how to recognize them: Light Brown to Black: Engine Oil It’s one of the... read more

  • 5 of the Worst Scenarios That Can Unfold If You Neglect Your Car

    Wednesday 09 August 2017

    Forgetting to tend to your car is almost as bad as neglecting your health. If it happens once in a while, it's not a big deal. However, if you frequently neglect your vehicle, you're setting yourself up for future failure and expenses. To further convince you, here are five of the worst scenarios you may find yourself in if you don't keep up with car maintenance.  1. You miss your best friend's wedding  Honestly, who would forgive this mistake? It... read more

  • Extreme Summer Heat Can Burn Up Car Batteries

    Thursday 03 August 2017

    This summer’s extreme temperatures can destroy a vehicle’s battery. The Car Care Council advises vehicle owners to have their cars’ batteries tested periodically and replaced, if necessary, to avoid being stranded. Excessive heat and overcharging shortens the life of a battery. Heat causes battery fluid to evaporate, which then damages the internal structure of the battery. A malfunctioning component in the charging system, usually the voltage regulator, allows too high a char... read more

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