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How Does Cold Weather Impact Your Engine Oil?

Most people view engine oil as the bloodline for your car. That saying is quite fitting as your car would not run or thrive without a clean and fresh supply of it. Now that it's getting colder here, it's important that Chicago drivers understand the impacts of the cold on your vehicle's engine oil.

The Best Winter Treatment for Your Car: An Oil Change

To keep your car in the best possible shape this winter, you should get an oil change. Freezing temperatures can cause your oil to flow gradually or not at all. As a result, it can put a lot of stress on your motor engine. After an extended period, your vehicle's engine can start having problems.

What's The Best Engine Oil For Me?

Engine oil is graded by its viscosity (how thick or thin it is). The thicker it is, the slower it will flow throughout your car. If you inspect an oil bottle, they all have a listed grade rating. The numerical value labeled before the W indicates the viscosity of the lubricant at low temperatures. The smaller this number is, the thinner the oil will be, and the better the oil will perform at cold temperatures. On the other hand, the number following the W represents how thick the oil is at standard operating temperatures.

If you're unsure which oil is suitable for your car's make and model, you can refer to your vehicle's owner manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. It will also tell you whether you need conventional or synthetic oil.

Don't Forget the Oil Filter

While engine oil is a necessity, people often forget the importance of the oil filter. When your oil gets too thick and gets pushed through the filter, the pressure gets built up. To prevent damage from happening in this process, you should choose a high-quality oil filter that can withstand high pressure without compromising efficiency. 


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