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How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

There are essential car components that function to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Among these components are the shock absorbers. They are components that resemble hydraulic pumps, and they are essential in controlling the impact and rebound movement in the vehicle's springs and the suspension.

They help in smoothening any bumps and vibrations to maintain a comfortable ride. Among these essential functions, the shocks ensure that the vehicle's tires maintain contact with the road surface. The function guarantees road safety by maintaining safe control and braking response from the car.

Shock absorbers are, therefore, very crucial car components and regular checks and maintenance go a long way to ensure they remain functional through various driving miles. Like other car components, the absorbers wear out, and there is a need to repair or replace them, depending on the mechanic's recommendations.

Shock absorbers are among the car components with higher life spans and functionality. Most of them remain functional for four to five years. However, if the road conditions are favorable, the lifespan might extend up to 10 years. Most automobile experts recommend having the shocks checked after 50 000 miles. It is difficult to put a specific number on the longevity of shock absorbers. It is always a great option to use the recommendations from vehicle manufacturers for shock absorber changes.

Signs of Failing Shock Absorbers

  • Beware of these signs that might trigger worn-out shock absorbers;

  • Knocking round from the rear suspension

  • Unusual car bouncing

  • Poor car performance on a rough surface

  • Longer braking distances

  • Increased risk of skidding in wet conditions

  • Premature tire wears and other suspension components

  • Reduced mileage

It is good to replace shock absorbers for enhanced safety, stability, and enhanced driving satisfaction. These signs empower you to get the vehicle tested and diagnose any shock absorbers trouble and fix them. Timely repairs reduce further damage to the vehicle and eliminate unsafe driving.

Our ASE-certified technicians are always ready to check your vehicle and conduct timely and convenient repairs at our auto repair shop. Drive your vehicle to our auto repair shop today and allow us to check your shock absorbers for any repairs and replacements.

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