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Is it Safe to Drive With the Oil Light On?

If your oil light comes on while you're driving, you need to stop right away and shut the engine off. If you've run out of oil, your engine may seize up and refuse to turn over. If the car abruptly stops while you're driving, you might be in trouble. Driving with the oil light on is not only unsafe but also very hazardous. It's important to know why your oil light may be flashing, as well as what to do if it does.

In order to understand why the oil light is on and what to do when it is, let's take a closer look.

Reasons The Oil Light is On 

Changing the oil

Most often, the oil light will come on as a result of this issue. It signifies that the oil level is so low that the oil light sensor turned on the light. It's as simple as checking the oil and putting the oil in the car to verify this. Come to our repair shop and we'll swap it out for you if you don't want to deal with it.

Low Oil Pressure

If the oil pump is having trouble circulating oil, this indicates that the pressure is not high enough. It is in your best interest to get this checked out since it is hazardous to your vehicle's engine to drive with low oil pressure or no oil at all. You should have your automobile inspected as soon as possible to stop any more damage from occurring.

The Oil Sensor is faulty

A sensor operates as a probe into the oil channel and triggers the oil light. It's possible that a foreign particle enters the probe and causes the computer in the automobile to get misleading signals. Consider getting the item changed when your oil levels are alright and the light is still on.

Oil Circuit

Oil circuits burn down over time. Smaller gaps between moving components might grow, lowering oil pressure. A worn-out pump might reduce oil pressure. If the pressure drops sufficiently, the oil light may come on and the circuit would need maintenance.

When the Oil Light Comes On, What Do You Do?

Stop or Park Your Vehicle

You should pull over to the side of the road and examine why the oil light is on. It's critical that you switch off the automobile while you're doing this to avoid more damage.

Give Thom's Four Wheel Drive and Auto Service, Inc a call immediately if you need an oil warning light repair!

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