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New Year, New You, Used Car - Tips on Buying a Used Car in the New Year

For many people, buying a used car as a woman once ranked right up there with a dentist visit.  However, today times have changed, and the process of buying a used car doesn't have to be as horrific as it used to be.  Today, women are informed consumers who hold the family purse-strings and have armed themselves with all the available information to make a used car purchase experience far less stressful.  Today, we're going to bring you our top tips on buying a used car in the new year, but if you're looking for one big take-away, it is this: Do your homework! 

Let's check out the tips!

Before you make a purchase decision, consider your budget.  Figure out exactly what you need the payments to be, what your preferred financing length would be, and stick to it. 

The used car market is diverse and unpredictable.  It's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices.  Before you start in the process of buying a used vehicle, make a target list of vehicles to ensure that you know what you want before you step onto the lot.

Before you purchase a used car, get a trusted vehicle history report.  This will tell you if the vehicle has been involved in any accidents resulting in damage to the vehicle, and can be an indicator of potential problems that may haunt you down the road.

If you'd like your used car to be as close to new as possible, consider buying a Certified Used Car.  These cars are generally a little more expensive than a traditional used car, but have been completely refurbished to factory settings, and generally include stronger and more comprehensive warranties than other used cars.

Used or new, never drive home in a new car before you've taken it for a spin. Drive on roads like those you normally drive on.  If your daily commute includes a lot of highway travel, try to get some highway miles in on the test drive.  Don't take a car for a spin once around the block and call it done - drive it the way you would normally drive.

If you want to make sure that you have the best possible experience purchasing a used car for the new year, turn to an AskPatty Certified Female Friendly dealership near you.

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