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Protect Your Car's Rubbery Components

If you haven't noticed already, many car components are made of rubber. The extreme temperatures are tough on these rubber parts, such as your belts, gaskets, door/window/hood/trunk seals, and air/fluid hoses. As you drive on wet or moist roads, water and grime can launch underneath the car. The loose debris can lead to corrosion in your belts, seals, and hoses. If you notice anything start to leak or slip, it could lead to more severe problems and costly repairs. Below are the rubber-made parts in your car that require attention from time to time:


Timing Belt

The timing belt is an indented rubber belt that enables the crankshaft to turn the camshaft. If it is slipping and sliding, then your engine will not run properly. If it becomes completely broken, then your engine will not turn on at all. 


Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt (also called the drive belt) sends power to the AC compressor, engine cooling fan, air injection pump, power steering pump, and more. It is imperative to make sure it is at the appropriate level of tightness to avoid damage.



Your car possesses various hoses and pipes running throughout it to conduct air or fluid between different areas of the vehicle. Air hoses, coolant hoses, and hydraulic brake lines should be examined regularly and replaced when necessary.


Gaskets and Seals

Your transmission pan gasket, main engine seal, and other gaskets and seals throughout the vehicle are necessary to block fluids from leaking. If any seal or gasket is cracked, it should be restored as soon as possible.


Door, Window, Hood, and Trunk Seals

Though not necessarily vital to the car's overall performance, all outside seals are designed to provide insulation and block outside water from getting inside the cabin. Otherwise, the weather will completely ruin your interior. 


For all your seal, gasket, hose, belt maintenance and repairs, you can trust Thom's Four Wheel Drive to care for your vehicle. Our trained technicians will have your precious car protected and back on the road in no time. Give us a call or visit our shop today to set up an appointment.

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