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Types of Unusual Vehicle Smells

Since you probably spend a great deal of time in your car, it is important that it smell good. Your nose is sensitive, so those unusual smells can really hit you hard. It might be helpful for you to know that some of the most wretched smells that your vehicle produces may actually be an indicator of a more serious problem. Continue reading to learn more about these smells and why it might be best that you not ignore them.

What To Do If You Smell Gas

There are several reasons why you might smell gas inside your vehicle. It could be that you accidentally had a couple of drops fall on your clothes or shoes while filling up. If that is the case, the smell should dissipate rather quickly. To get rid of it fast, try rolling the windows down.

A gas smell that lingers for hours or more is indicative of a potentially serious problem. It could be that you have a leaky gas tank or fuel injector. To find out for sure, you will want to have the vehicle checked out by your local professional mechanic.

Your Interior Smells Like Exhaust

If you begin to smell fumes from your exhaust while you are in your car, this is something that you should not ignore. The indicator here is that you either have a leak in your exhaust system or the seals on your windows and doors are potentially defective. Either way, this needs to be checked out right away.

Are You Smelling Rotten Eggs

This is a smell that you do not want to encounter no matter where you happen to be. However, a rotten egg in your car is particularly concerning. It is likely that some part of your fuel system is malfunctioning. A common indicator is that the fuel pressure sensors have become damaged somehow. This needs to be fixed right away.

If you encounter some strange smells in your vehicle, contact Thom's Four Wheel Drive and Auto Service, Inc. right away and schedule an appointment. We will diagnose the issue for you and get it taken care of as quickly as possible.

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