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What To Do If Your Car Gets Stuck in Snow

Getting stuck in a big pile of snow is every Chicago drivers' worst nightmare. Not only is a vehicle breakdown miserable enough, but having it happen in the freezing cold can make it far worse. Thankfully, we have the steps you should take to get yourself "unstuck" in case it happens to you.

  1. Clear a path - Using a shovel, free up some of the snow in the front and back of your vehicle. This allows your tires to move back and forth easier. 
  2. Avoid flooring it - You might be tempted to press hard on the gas pedal to get out of this sticky situation. However, it may only make it worse. First of all, do not panic. It would help if you were going easy on the pedal, releasing and pressing to create a rocking motion.
  3. Add traction under your tires - From sandbags, kitty litter, to salt, many people have their methods of helping their tires gain traction. It would be best if you threw a handful of these grainy substances around your tires to prevent your wheels from spinning.
  4. Push your car if you have help - If you have other people with you or a friendly bystander willing to help, have them help you push your car out of the snow.
  5. Ask for help - If these steps do not help you, your best bet may call roadside assistance. While it may cost you a little, it will get you to safety.

Winter can do a number on your vehicles, including the tires, brakes, windshield wipers, and more. If you need help taking care of your vehicle maintenance items this winter, please bring your car to Thom's Four Wheel Drive.

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