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A Parent's Guide to Training Young Drivers

Vehicle fatalities are one of the top causes of death for teenagers and young adults. This statistic is very unfortunate and startling. If you have a teen driver in your home, you may have a long list of worries when it comes to them getting behind the wheel. Here is how to navigate having young drivers out on the busy streets of Chicago, IL: Have the "talk" with your teen driver to explain the guidelines for driving a car. Discuss your concerns and start to set boundaries and rules. Practice what you preach! As a parent, you should be setting an excellent example for your young dr ... read more

What Are the Top Signs of a Failing Alternator?

Your alternator is the car component that constantly recharges your battery. This car component allows you to turn on your car and use electronic accessories such as your headlights, power windows, and radio. If you're experiencing problems with your alternator, you may find that your car won't start or stay on for more than several minutes. Here are some other symptoms of a failing alternator that you should be on the lookout for: 6 SIGNS OF A FAILING ALTERNATOR Dim Lights - When an alternator starts to fail, it'll provide varying voltage to your electronic accessories. As a res ... read more

Protect Your Car's Rubbery Components

If you haven't noticed already, many car components are made of rubber. The extreme temperatures are tough on these rubber parts, such as your belts, gaskets, door/window/hood/trunk seals, and air/fluid hoses. As you drive on wet or moist roads, water and grime can launch underneath the car. The loose debris can lead to corrosion in your belts, seals, and hoses. If you notice anything start to leak or slip, it could lead to more severe problems and costly repairs. Below are the rubber-made parts in your car that require attention from time to time:   Timing Belt The timing belt is ... read more

July 4th Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is a celebratory time spent with friends and family. Whether you plan to watch fireworks, host a BBQ, or go to the beach, you will likely run into traffic around this holiday as more people are out celebrating. It is crucial to prioritize your and your loved ones' safety and do what you can to have fun on Independence Day.   Here are some tips that Thom's Four Wheel Drive can offer to ensure your safety this 4th of July: Always be alert and aware of your surroundings when going. Fourth of July is deemed one of the most dangerous days in the United States to d ... read more

What Are Signs of Low Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid, which transfers the pressure you apply on the pedal to the pads on each wheel. Since the fluid is sealed inside a tube, pressure is not lost at any point in the system. However, these fluid lines may get damaged or worn out, and the fluid may get contaminated. The fluid breaks down after using it for some time. Low or a poorly performing brake fluid may cause braking issues and accidents. Here are signs of low brake fluid: The ABS light comes on: This is one of the most common indicators of something wrong with the brake fluid or any other braking system com ... read more

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