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Everything You Should Do When Your Car Overheats

Experiencing an overheated engine can be a stressful and dangerous experience for any driver. It can cause substantial damage to your car's engine, resulting in costly repairs that no one wants to fork money out for. When you know what to do when your engine overheats, you can prevent the damage from spreading and safely get you to an auto repair shop. Everything You Should Do When Your Car Overheats Turn off the A/C and Heat: When you notice your engine overheating, turn off the A/C and heat to reduce the engine's workload. Turn off the Engine: Pull over to a safe place and turn o ... read more

Signs of a Failing Clutch

A clutch is a fundamental component of a manual transmission vehicle, allowing the driver to shift gears smoothly and engage or disengage the engine's power to the transmission. Over time, the clutch can wear out or develop problems that require repairs.  6 Signs of a Failing Clutch Slipping Gears: If you are driving and notice that your car is slipping out of gear or the gearstick is popping out of gear, it could be an indication of a slipping clutch. The slippage can result from a clutch disc being worn out, and it can no longer grip the flywheel effectively. Burning Smell: If yo ... read more

How Does the Fuel Injector Cleaning Process Work?

Fuel injectors play a crucial role in the performance of your car’s engine. They are responsible for delivering fuel to the engine in a precise and controlled manner, which helps to ensure that your car runs smoothly and efficiently. Over time, however, fuel injectors can become clogged with dirt, debris, and other contaminants, which can cause them to malfunction or fail altogether. To prevent the jam, you should have your fuel injectors cleaned on a regular basis. Here's what you can expect from the fuel injector cleaning process. First, a technician will inspect your car’s ... read more

How Tire Rotations, Wheel Balancing, and Wheel Alignment Service Can Help You Save Money

It should be no surprise that you’re probably already familiar with these services, especially tire rotations. These tire maintenance items are your ticket to saving money on buying tires in the long run. When you swap your tire’s positioning and ensure their weight is evenly distributed, they will wear more evenly over time. To extend the life of your tires, make sure you have these services done at Thom’s Four Wheel Drive. Benefits of Tire Rotations Tire rotations are a necessary maintenance item because the front tires on nearly all cars, SUVs, and trucks wear faster tha ... read more

Why Do Car Batteries Die in the Winter?

Your car's battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. It keeps your electrical accessories running, including the ignition system and other car parts. But when winter hits and cold weather settles in, you may notice that your car is having trouble starting up in the morning or running as it used to. This can be frustrating, but there are several reasons why this might be happening. Here are the reasons your car batteries die in the winter. Cold Weather Makes Batteries Die Faster Cold temperatures make batteries less efficient at holding onto power than hot temperatures ... read more

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