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A Parent's Guide to Training Young Drivers

Vehicle fatalities are one of the top causes of death for teenagers and young adults. This statistic is very unfortunate and startling. If you have a teen driver in your home, you may have a long list of worries when it comes to them getting behind the wheel. Here is how to navigate having young drivers out on the busy streets of Chicago, IL:

  1. Have the "talk" with your teen driver to explain the guidelines for driving a car. Discuss your concerns and start to set boundaries and rules.
  2. Practice what you preach! As a parent, you should be setting an excellent example for your young drivers by displaying the behavior you want them to follow.
  3. Discuss a zero-tolerance drinking policy. DUIs are very common for younger drivers. This rule goes without saying, but it's always helpful to remind them of the dangers of drinking and driving.
  4. Promote them to earn good grades. Many auto insurance companies offer discounted rates for students who get good grades, which can be especially important if your child is responsible for forking out the expense.
  5. Address the importance of a driving record. Safe and cautionary driving is the best way to ensure your driving record stays clean.
  6. Ask them to minimize their distractions. Cellphones and loud music are two of the most common distractions for young drivers. To reduce the risk of a horrible accident, remind them to silence their phone and keep their sound system at a tolerable volume when behind the wheel.
  7. Always buckle up. This is a driver's ed basic, but a seat belt can save lives. 
  8. Ensure the vehicle your teen is operating is in safe driving condition. A poorly managed vehicle can increase the risk of involving your teen driver in a dangerous accident. 

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