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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Can You Drive Safely in Every Type of Severe Weather?

Driving in perfect weather is hard enough, but when severe weather hits, it's important to take extra precautions. You probably already know that slowing down and increasing concentration can make a big difference. But these extra precautions for specific kinds of weather can help you get to your destination safely. Ice or snow Slow down. Bridges and overpasses freeze first, so take it slow and avoid sudden changes in speed or direction. Keep windows clear. Visibility is crucial, especially in bad weather. Turn on the wipers and crank up the defroster, if necessary. Also make sure that ... read more


Driver Safety

Do Not Disturb: How Your next Car Will Prevent Distracted Driving

We hear a lot about the dangers of distracted driving, but having a phone conversation while driving on a rural freeway is clearly less of a problem than dialing a colleague while turning left onto a busy six-lane avenue. What if your car could limit distractions when road conditions were genuinely demanding? This is the idea behind workload management, an area of intense research among most automakers. It starts with determining when the driver’s workload is piling up. One way is to measure the driver’s heart rate and respiration using sensors on the steering wheel and seatbelt ... read more


Automotive News

Do Car Airbags Expire?

A car airbag has a strange life. It spends most of its time in hiding until our lives depend on it. Then it springs into action for a few seconds, fulfills its destiny and passes away. That's not always the story for the noble airbag, and that's a good thing for car owners. In most cars and trucks, airbags never see the light of day. But do these important safety components stand the test of time? Eventually, most things break down on a car. Are airbags any different? The answer is yes — and no. In ear ... read more


Automotive News

10 Bizarre Car Innovations That Thankfully Failed

Cars today are technological marvels that contain some truly miraculous innovations. If you were to tell people even 10 years ago that cars would be able to park themselves, direct the driver to where they are going and be equipped with rear view cameras, most people would tell you that you’re crazy. Yet, here we are in 2016 on the cusp of seeing completely automated, driverless cars on North American streets. This is truly impressive. Yet for all the automotive innovations over the years that have advanced cars and made them safer, there have been a staggering number of bizarre vehicle ... read more


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