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Signs of a Leaky Heater Core

Having a leaking or malfunctioning heater core can be one of the biggest annoyances to deal with in the fall or winter. This is because the purpose of a heater core is to bring warm air into the cabin of your vehicle so that you can drive comfortably and use your defrosters to clear your glass surfaces. So, how do you know if your heater core leaks?


On most modern vehicles, the heater core is located inside the cabin of the car. Whereas with older cars, the heater core is situated outside of the car; regardless, the coolant fluid can still make its way into the cabin through the vent ducts.


Having coolant leak into your cabin can cause all sorts of problems, not just a mess. First, the coolant can flood your floorboards and start the process of corrosion. 


Another problem with a coolant leak inside of the cabin is that the coolant itself is scorching! The coolant can turn into steam inside your car and will leave behind an unpleasant, noticeable odor. The scent can be challenging to remove. 


Depending on the leak's prominence, your windows and other glass surfaces can suffer from fogging problems. The worst part is that you can't reduce the condensation since your defrosters are not working, and the ventilation worsens the situation. 


Lastly, the antifreeze in your coolant can contain harmful chemicals that are not good for people to breathe in. If you or someone riding in your car has sensitivities, it can seriously harm them.


If you have some of these symptoms apply to you, you're probably dealing with a leaking heater core. This type of leak is more common than you think, and they are developed because of the relatively thin metal parts in your HVAC system. This material can develop cracks and holes over time, and the joints in your heater core can also loosen from hitting bumps or potholes in the road. We invite you to Thom's Four Wheel Drive and Auto Service Inc for quality heater core repair.

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